New York State Forest Products

Organic Eggs are available.  We can no longer accept new orders for lumber, logs, firewood or any tree work.

  • Catskill Mountains - Lackawack Hill
    Catskill Mountains - Lackawack Hill

Lackawack Lumber is family owned and operated, dedicated to providing quality lumber to friends and family. We proudly use environmentally friendly timber management techniques and practice a regular replanting program.

Wood Milled to Specifications

Our portable Woodmizer saw mill allows us to produce lumber of any size, from 1″ boards to 12″x 12″ beams for anything from framing to flooring at our Ulster County, NY location. See Milling Operation

Rafters to flooring

Milled lumber from roof rafters to finished flooring

We’re proud to have received a grant from NYC Watershed Agricultural Council for our timber management practices. The council works with farm and forest landowners in the New York City Watershed region to protect water quality on behalf of city residents.

  • HEMLOCK – studs and beams rough-cut lumber
  • WHITE PINE – beams and planks
  • YELLOW BIRCH – studs and shelving
  • WHITE OAK – shelving and furniture
  • CHERRY – shelving and furniture

Farm Fresh Organic Eggs

Enjoy organic foods? Our niece Kaylin can sell you delicious eggs from her chickens. She collects eggs, feeds them and cleans their coop daily.
See Organic Chicken Eggs

Pure Maple Syrup

Enjoy organic foods? We produce New York Maple Syrup. Sap is collected and boiled down at our farm on Lackawack Hill.
See Sugaring Process