About Lackawack Lumber & Christensen Farm

Ed & Claire Christensen purchased 62 acres of land on Lackawack Hill (near Rondout Reservoir) in the spring of 1961. A large, gray farmhouse stood near the center of the square parcel. Outbuildings included two barns, a milkhouse, and a chicken coop. It had been a working farm until the previous decade.

“The Farm” has played an integral role in the lives of our family. When Ed & Claire first set foot on the parcel, it was a long way from civilization. It was also a trip through history. The old farmhouse had 2 sections. At that time, the original part was nearly 180 years old, with the ‘newer’ addition going on 100. Within a couple years, it was painted the classic red with white trim which will live forever in our memories.

Today, a modern log home (complete with wood-burning stove) has replaced the old farmhouse.

From the time we were kids, our parents involved us in project after project to improve the house and the land. They taught us the value of hard work and to take pride in accomplishments. We were exposed to carpentry, building stone walls, constructing dams to create small lakes for swimming, exterior painting, roofing, gardening, and plenty of ditch digging. We learned to make use of resources and to appreciate what nature provides.

These lessons provided the basis of our interest in improving the environment while making the best use of everything on the land.

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…Right after we cut down a few trees, mill some lumber, split some firewood, boil some syrup and plow the garden!

Christensen Brothers
Spring 2011: Steve, Ken, and Ray Christensen

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Carpentry for Barn renovations
Barn renovations using our lumber

Timber Framing at Christensen Farm: “The Milkhouse”

see Barn Timber Framing Project

Timber framing    Timber framing project
Using traditional timber framing craftsmanship

Timber framing    Timber framing project
Construction of a timber frame building